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Sunday, May 08, 2005

WHAT I WANT: Burst Angels

I've been looking forward to this one ever since I saw an article about it in NewType magazine. Bakuratsu Tenshi (Burst Angels) is not exactly the kind of anime that I am usually interested in. The whole "girls with guns" genre is usually hit or miss with me. For instance, I was never really impressed with the Dirty Pair anime, although I did like the Adam Warren version of the comic. But I was kind of impressed with Noir, but I think I liked it because it focused more on atmosphere than on the usual fan service.

Judging from this article and a trailer I recently saw, Burst Angels looks like something of a Cowboy Bebop meets Dirty Pair meets Fullmetal Panic. And the character designs are not just hot, they are also pretty cool-looking. So I'm betting it will be fun on all kinds of levels.

Volume 1 is due out May 10.

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