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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Live Action Updates - The "what is" and "what is not" and "what may be"

What is:

Speed Racer - According to an anonamous source on Cinescape the live action movie version of Speed Racer is apparently back on track. According to the article, the script will be handed in this week and Vince Vaughn is "locked in" to play Racer X. This movie dates years back when Johnny Depp was rumored to play the title role. God only knows if this version will get any legs or not.

Cromatori High School - According to Anime News Network:

Eiji Nonaka's Sakigake!! Cromartie High gag-manga is set to be adapted into a live-action movie. Cromartie High has just recently been adapted into an anime TV series.

The live action movie will be directed by Yuudai Yamaguchi and will star Takamasa Suga as the main character, Takashi Kamiyama. Other actors will include former professional boxer Mitsuki Koga and professional wrestler Yoshihiro Takayama as Shinjirou Hayashida and Takenouchi respectively. Hiroyuki Watanabe will play the part of Freddy.

We have no details on when the movie is set to be released in Japan.

What is not:

Watchmen - Yeah yeah. I know it is not anime or manga, but I mentioned this project in a previous entry so I feel obligated to provide an update. According to ICv2, the live action Watchmen movie is currently in "limbo" due to Paramount having concerns over the movie's $100 millon bugdet. I'd have to say that their concerns are probably justified since the complex and adult-oriented plot is probably not conducive to the kind of mass appeal the movie would need to generate any profits. And dumbing down the plot would only result in the story losing the elements that made it appealing in the first place (see Alan Moore's other good-comic-turned-crappy-movie examples: From Hell and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen).

What may be:

Battle Angel Alita - According to multiple sources James Cameron looks like he may be putting his live action Battle Angel Alita on hold in favor of some vague new project code named "Project 880". Apparently the Battle Angel story is prooving difficult to adapt to a live action script, so he's putting the whole thing aside for easier fair. So much for the 2007 release.

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