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Monday, July 18, 2005

Live Action Anime Movie Reviews

Ain't It Cool News has published a positive review of the live action Tetsujin-28 (ie, Gigantor) movie and Godzilla: Final Wars. I don't really care about the Godzilla movie since...well...Godzilla is Godzilla and you pretty know what to expect already for the most part.

But as for the Tetsujin-28 movie, it looks like it will be something to look forward least if you are into that kind of thing, which I don't know if I am, but I'm interested anyway.

In contrast to that positive review, has posted a negative review of Tetsujin 28 which they call a "major disappointment".

In addition, they also have a positive review for the live action Cromatrtie High School movie which they say "crackles with energy from start to finish".

I don't know why I've been talking about Cromartie HS so much lately. I don't really like the anime all that much (thoughI've only seen one or two episodes). I'm actually surprised by my distaste for the show because reviewers kept comparing it to Excel Saga which I loved. (And for all of you people who hate Excel because of her annoying voice, that's probably because you watched the english dub. You have to watch it in the original Japanese in order to enjoy the show at all.) I probably liked Excel because I recognized a lot of the parody and satire (though I probably couldn't tell which was which). Whereas, if Cromartie HS has had any of either, I didn't recognize it so it just came off as a bunch of wacky but stupid short episodes.

But anyway, I guess since Cromartie HS is so goofy and out there, I just can't help but be curious with how it would transfer to live action. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for anime adaptions in general.

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