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Friday, February 17, 2006

Advent Children Release Date

From Animenation:

1up has published a seemingly authoratative English dub cast list for the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children motion picture and reported that the film will be released on American DVD and UMD on April 25th. According to the report, the American release will also include the original Japanese language dialogue track with optional English subtitles.

Why I care: Because it helps me know how much time I still have before I have to finish the Final Fantasy VII video game, which I've been (pitifully enough) working on since back in 1997. Knowledge of the game is apparently a prerequesite to being able to enjoying the movie.

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straightfromthecask said...

Yes it helps a lot but it is not quintessential to appreciate the movie. Still I would of course recommend to play that best game ever !
The game will allow you to see a few winks during the movie, and you'll see how brilliantly the specific collaborative gameplay has been adapted to the movie. And believe me, if you played, you'll shed a tear...