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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Viewing Journal: Densha Otoko (live action movie)

Movie Overview
DVD Info (available January 2007)

Overall= B+
Story = B+
Video = B
Audio = B


At this year's Otakon I got a cance to see the live action Densha Otoko movie. It was really good, actually much better than the TV series. I think that this movie was aimed at general audiences while the TV series was more for anime fans; the main reason being that there were a lot less anime and general pop culture references. Also the acting in the movie was a lot better. It was more realistic; while the TV series was more of an over the top comedy, the movie was more of a realistic drama. Another difference was the number of chat members. While there were like 15 or more in the series, there were only about 5 in the movie.

I don't want to just compare this movie to the TV series though because the movie really stands alone. The acting was believable, the characters were likeable, and the general story was effectively dramatic and heart-rending because it was something where you can really cheer for the main character. I really think that if this movie made it ot the US theatres (and was sufficiently marketed) that it would do pretty well. Anybody could see this movie and relate to the characters and enjoy the story (though maybe there would have to be a short intro describing exactly what an otaku is).

So overall I definitely recommend this to all audiences. I really hope it does get a chance to see some play in theatres prior to Viz releasing it on DVD in January because it's worthy of general audience attention.

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