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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Death Note starts today: trailer and review

It starts in Japan today. You can find a review and tons of screen shots at Memento. See the opening and ending animation and teaser trailer below.

Opening- The World:

Ending - Alluminia

Teaser trailer:


Justin J. Fox said...

Very cool. Do you know who did the music? It's strange, but it reminds me of a Mexican band, Cafe Tacuba...

Between a manga, an anime and a live-action movie, I almost wish I lived in Japan.

Bob said...

Yeah.. The weird thing is that I don't think any of it's been licensed for US release yet. I'd expect someone would snatch this up in seconds considering how popular (and just good) the manga is.

The opening and ending themes were done by a band called "Nightmare".

Thanks for the comment. I'll have to look up Cafe Tacuba and see if I can find their music online to compare.