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Friday, November 24, 2006

Anime Trailers: Reideen, Moribito, Paprika, & Byousoku 5 CM

Production IG = win:

The WOWOW page for Reideen, Production IG's remake of the 1975 mecha anime series Yuusha Raideen, now hosts a 30 second and a 120 second streaming Windows Media trailer. Reideen is scheduled to premier next March. (Source: AnimeNation)

The official homepage for Production IG's upcoming anime television series Seirei no Moribito now hosts a 50 second trailer. The trailer is available streaming on the website (click the bottom left-hand link on the site's top page), and is available for direct download in MP4 format for the PSP and M4V format for the Ipod. The series is scheduled to premier next April. (Source: AnimeNation)

Satoshi Kon = ???:
The official website for the French theatrical release of anime film Paprika is now online. The site's "BANDE ANNONCE" section hosts a new English language narrated trailer ("VO") featuring extensive footage not contained in any previous trailers. (Source: AnimeNation)
And this guy is just good:
A second trailer for director Makoto Shinkai's upcoming anime movie trilogy Byousoku 5 Centimeter has been added to the official site. The trailer is available in three streaming sizes, and as a 68.4mb high resolution WMV format download. (Source: AnimeNation)

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