The 2nd Dimension

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Nabeshin seen on Jeopardy!

My wife told me about this crazily dressed guy who was on Jeopardy yesterday. He returned today, and when I first saw him I instinctively shouted "Oh my God! It's Nabeshin!"

The contestant's actual name is Nate Metcalf but his outfit was the exact same as the director and self-animated character of Excel Saga! The only thing he was missing was the afro.

And for fans out there, here's the real nabashin in action. :D


nate said...

As the "crazily dressed guy" in the photos, I'll admit I'm flattered and a little creeped out to find myself on this blog. A friend did a google and sent me the link.

For the record, I've never seen or heard of Nabeshin in my life. Not even an anime fan.

Talk about life imitating art

Bob said...

You responded. That's riot!

Well, apparently you and Nabeshin should hook up since, at the very least, you have similiar taste in clothes. I'm sure the anime fandom is just a matter of time. :D