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Friday, December 14, 2007

Coming Soon: Batman the anime-ted series

They're not taking a half-ass stab at this either. There are some big names associated with this thing from both Japan and US.


The "2008 Movie Spectacular" special issue of Wizard magazine reports that Japan's Studio 4°C, Production I.G, and Madhouse are animating Batman: Gotham Knight, a collection of six shorts about the iconic DC Comics detective. The animated shorts will be scripted by Batman comic writers Brian Azzarello and Greg Rucka, A History of Violence screenwriter Josh Olson, Batman Begins screenwriter David S. Goyer, The Dark Knight movie producer Jordan Goldberg, and Batman: The Animated Series screenwriter Alan Burnett. Wizard Magazine reports that the shorts will be directed by American animator Bruce Timm. French fan site Catsuka reports that anime director Satoshi Kon will helm one of the six productions. The project is scheduled to debut next summer. (Source: AnimeNation)

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