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Monday, October 18, 2004

Renting Anime

I was poking around the AnimeNation forums (which I haven't done in a while) and I found an area dedicated to this site called It's obviously a anime dvd rental site and, although I haven't actually used it yet, the site appears pretty well-designed and user-friendly. It looks like the rental program works very similiarly to NetFlix (which also has an anime section, though probably relatively limited) where you pay a monthly fee and can rent an unlimited number of DVDs (though only 3 at a time) and you don't have any designated return date. Here's what the site has to say about it's free 2-week trial membership:

Rent as many DVDs as you want for free! After your two week trial ends, you'll pay only a small monthly fee. For only $19.95, you can keep a revolving library of up to 3 DVDs at a time and exchange them for new available DVDs as often as you like. If you don't rent a lot of DVDs and are looking for a plan that is more affordable, try our 1-at-a-time plan for only $9.95.

On the down side, it looks like it takes up to 6 days to get your videos. Though that may vary by location.

Now, I'm not paid to endorse this site or anything. I just happend to stumble upon it and figured it might be useful to people with an under-funded anime obsession. Especially since there are not that many rental programs dedicated to this one genre.

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