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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Steamboy "Director's Cut" in Theatres

[Edit: I changed the title to reflect the new information in this article. I forgot that I had mentioned the March 18 release date way back in November.]

According to Ain't It Cool News Steamboy is going to be released theatrically in the US on March 18th. According to the article there will be an extended "director's cut" version with Japanese language and English subtitles to be exclusively released in Landmark Cinemas, while the dub version will see a wider release.

Lucky for me there are two Landmark theaters right near me. Sweet.

I actually already knew it was coming March 18th (no, I'm not bragging) because when I was in Media Play the other day, they were giving away free Steamboy Preview DVDs which had the release date printed on the case cover.

The DVDs themselves contained the English and Japanese teaser trailers as well as an interview with Katsushiro Otomo on the making of the movie. The trailers were nothing that isn't already on the web, and to be honest, I have yet to actually watch the featurette so I can't tell you how interesting or informative it is. But if you are interested, stop by Media Play and pick it up. (I'm guessing Suncoast and Sam Goody would have it too.)

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