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Friday, June 30, 2006

Train Man movie to premeire in September

I've actually downloaded the TV series version of the story, and it's next on my list to watch (after I finish Honey & Clover).

What's the deal with companies only release the movie version of stuff and not the original TV series (like with GTO live action)? I'm sure it's because of the cost but even so, if you just look at the popularity of these series over here you know that fans would just eat this stuff up.

Anway... from ICv2:

Viz Media has announced that it will release the live action Train Man: Densha Otoko movie on DVD in January of 2007 via Viz Pictures, a new Viz Media sister company. The film, which is based on a real incident in which a shy otaku intervened to help a girl who was being harassed by a drunk on a train, was a huge hit in Japan where it spawned no fewer than four manga adaptations, a TV series and this hit movie. Train Man is a computer age fairytale in which the shy protagonist describes his halting attempts at romance on an Internet chat room and receives advice and encouragement from his online buddies.

And from Anime News Network:

Train Man will premiere in September in New York and "major cities," followed by a DVD release in January. Viz will also volume 1 of the Train Man manga this October.

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