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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Be careful who you post about...

Recently I received a couple of blog comments that took me totally by surprise. The first was from a guy who I posted about who was cosplaying at Otakon 2006, seemingly naked, with just a blue dot covering his privates. He comments:
Actually Sir, I was wearing other clothing beneath my cardboard dots. Amazingly enough flesh colored fabric is avalible. [Ben]
The latest one just came today on a post I did a few months ago about a guy named Nate Metcalf who -- apparently unaware -- was dressed just like Nabeshin (or Lupin III if you want to go a step further) while a contestant on Jeopardy. He comments:

As the "crazily dressed guy" in the photos, I'll admit I'm flattered and a little creeped out to find myself on this blog. A friend did a google and sent me the link.

For the record, I've never seen or heard of Nabeshin in my life. Not even an anime fan.

Talk about life imitating art [nate]

I'm a little freaked out myself, but probably encouraged even more. I mean, just when I thought nobody ever reads this stuff, I get comments from the very people I post about. Go figure.

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