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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Battle Angel Video Game?

According to a CVG article as well as an article on, James Cameron is planning on developing a X-Box video game to coincide with a "major motion picture" release. He apparently doesn't specify what the movie or game project is, but seeing as how he is currently working on the Battle Angel Alita movie, it's not to far of a leap in logic to say that the video game is going to be based in the Alita universe as well. Says Cameron:

"In my next film, I can only tell you what we're planning on doing which is simultaneous developing a major motion picture and hopefully a major game title that co-exists in the same world, that share characters." He continued, "Going into that world will actually inform those watching the film and vice-versa. I don't want to say anything more than that because I don't want to give away some of the cool stuff that we're working on."

Also remember that Cameron was hoping to make a trilogy of movies assuming that the box office results from the first movie agreed with him. Maybe this video game thing is just another way to include more of the Battle Angel storyline. Microsoft did not help clarify the issue when the obvious was pointed out to them:

"I'm not going to argue with those observations, but the fact remains we have not made any announcements," was all a representative for the company would say.

Regardless, it looks like Cameron's getting serious about this story. More news to come, I'm sure...

[And just as an extra piece of useless trivia, there is actually already a Battle Angel video game out there called GUNM: Martian Memory, though I am not sure if that was ever release in the US so good luck trying to get your hands on it. ]

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