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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Finally! Yukikaze Volume 2

According to Animenation the final installment of Sentou Yousei Yukikaze will be released in Japan this spring, so the final 2 DVDs should be scheduled for release soon in the US. The second volume will include episodes 3 and 4. The third volume will include episode 5 as well as the Mave-chan spin-off episode.

I loved the first volume and have been eagerly waiting for it to continue, but hadn't heard anything about it for a couple of years. I did see some info on the Mave-chan thing which totally confused me because I did not understand how they could have a spin-off of something that had not yet been completed.

Well, apparently the production of episodes 3-5 got delayed and Geneon had no idea until after the first DVD had already been released. So that explains the long wait. Hopefully getting all that extra time means that the final product will be that much more extraordinary.

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