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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Blog Update: New rating sytem

In yet another bout of unexplained initiative (read: way too much time on my hands), I've created a new rating system for anime and manga that I post about. Forget those other guys' five star ratings or letter grading scales; I've got emoticons! Do you love it? No? Well tough luck, here's the scale:

Loved it. These are the titles that I just count the seconds until they release the next volume or episode. Not only would I recommend these titles, but if anyone attempts to badmouth these titles I very well may explode into a violent rage. Don't mess with the good stuff.

Like it. This is stuff that I've enjoyed watching and would definitely recommend, though expressing contrary opinions would not necessarily elicit my malcontent.

Eh. Indicates stuff that is okay, but did not really get any strong reaction out of me one way or the other. I'd probably recommend these titles only if you've exhausted all your better options. You might like it ... or not ... I don't know.

Disliked it. These titles are often series that I started but never finished; or if I did finish it, I regret having wasted the time. I'd suggest staying away from these ones unless you think viewing bad material builds character.

Hated it. Just look at that face. I think that pretty much says it all.

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