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Friday, November 04, 2005

Honey and Clover?

Every so often I'll go to some random anime review blog and among the hodge podge of series I'll usually see an entry for something called Honey and Clover. I didn't think much of it the first few times since at first glance at the visuals the story seems to just be a run-of-the-mill romantic comedy, which (save for Kare Kano) which I am usually not interested in. But after consistently seeing the title pop up time and time again I started to get a little curious. I've looked for places to download it but up to this point I've been having a pretty hard time.

Then just recently I saw a review at Anime News Network and suddenly I am super-interested in seeing it. It sounds like it may be the next Fruits Basket or Kare Kano in that it's mainly a shojo anime, but is mature enough to have cross-gender appeal. I haven't seen any mention of whether or not it has been licensed for US release, but I'll keep my eyes open for it.

For a more comprehensive episode-by-episode review of the series try this review on Memento.

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