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Thursday, November 03, 2005

A leaner blog, but we still got emoticons!

Well, I've decided that I'm going to stop putting up pictures for every single thing I post. The original theory behind it was that since anime is a visual medium, I should make my site as visual as possible to attract random passers-by.

After a bit of consideration (and note that there was absolutely no market research involved) I've figured that the images might be causing more clutter than actual attraction. So I'm going to cut them out unless they fill some actual purpose or add some value to the blog entry.

Of course, another benifit of ditching the unnecessary visuals is that I won't have to spend most of my time Googling images to find that really cool one that just might convince my audience that the content of the blog is worth the effort to actually read. Regardless though, the free time will enable me to put more effort into actually posting and less on all the fluff.

I think I will keep the emoticons (used in my reviews) though. Those do have an actual purpose. It's true that I could go with a letter grading system (A,B,C,D,F) for my reviews, but I never really liked those kind of scales because anything that wasn't marked as "A" seemed to be crap to me (too bad I didn't have the same attitude while in school).

I could also go with the five star method and use astarisks as stars ("*****"), but that still seems kind of vague since 1.) you have to go through the trouble of actually counting the stars (yes, I'm that lazy) and 2.) you have to figure out what does a star actually mean in terms of how the reviewer felt about the movie.

With my emoticons the expresions are there and it's pretty clear what it's supposed to mean. At least I think so.

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