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Saturday, September 09, 2006

More info on new Evangelion movies

From Anime News Network:

According to the October issue of Newtype (Japan) (On sale September 10), four new Evangelion movies are in the works. The four movies will include a prequel, a mid-series movie, a sequel and a "final" movie. The prequel movie is due out early summer 2007.

While the new story will be set during the same time frame as the original TV series, Newtype states that it will be an entirely new project, not be a remake or improvement of any sort. Newtype also mentions that viewers will not need to have already seen previous Evangelion material in order to understand and enjoy the new movies.

Hideaki Anno will write the scenario for the first movie and will be the general director and manager for the entire project. Kazuya Tsurumaki will direct the movies while Yoshiyuki Sadamoto will provide character designs and Ikuto Yamashita will provide mechanical designs. Shinji Higuchi will provide storyboards for the first movie.

Khara, a new studio that shares office space with Gainax, was recently set up and is seeking production staff to work on Anno's new project.
According to Hiroaki at the AnimeNation Forums:
  • 1st movie (90 minutes) is due out May 2007;
  • 2nd movie (90 minutes) is due out February 2008;
  • 3rd & last movies (each 45 miutes) are due out May 2008;
  • "these movies will solve all of Eva's doubt". :D

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