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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Final Fantasy 7 : COMPLETED

Yes I finally finally FINALLY finished this freaking game. All told it took me about 9 years before I finally got around to taking the time to see it through to the end. This latest session recorded over 60 hours worth of play time. And that's not counting the times at during the last part of the game when the Playstation froze up 4 freaking times forcing me to restart and loose about 2 hours of playtime.

Anyway, the ending was pretty cool, though I wouldn't have minded seeing a bit more of a resolution (at least something more than the short "500 years later" scene after the end credits).

Of course, the whole reason I was motivated to finish the game was in preparation for watching the Advent Children movie as well as the Last Order anime. So, God willing, it will be worth it. According to a comment I got a while back from straightfromthecask, playing the game gives you a greater appreciation for the movie. I guess I'll find out when I watch it, which I plan on doing after I finish up Tenjho Tenge.

More later...

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