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Sunday, September 25, 2005

SaiKano live action movie

From Anime News Service:

Toei Animation Ltd. announced their world premiere screening for the Live action Saikano (She The Ultimate Weapon) will occur at the Tokyo International Film Festival on October 29th. The venue will be the Bunkamura theater in Shibuya. Aki Maeda (Battle Royale) is cast in the lead role of Chise, a deadly war cyborg disguised as a schoolgirl. CG technology is intricately combined with live action photography to flesh out the film's heavy SFX's. Saikano opens nationwide in Japanese theaters from February 2006.

It's been a few months since I finished up the SaiKano anime series, and I honestly am still not sure how I feel about it. I know that it was supposed to be this really emotionally intense story, but I just could not get over the premise that the girl is supposed to be this ultimate weapon who can apparently drop full-sized missles out her backside. I mean, I can accept a lot in a story, but for some reason I could never totally suspend my disbelief on that one. Still, I suppose I can understand why people like the series because if you can get over that (as well as the fact that all the characters have a cronic blushing problem) the drama is pretty easy to empathize with.

Regardless, I'll be interested to see how they pull this story off in live action.

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