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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Twitch reviews Open Your Mind

Twitch has posted a review of Mamoru Oshii's new project Open Your Mind.

The film was part of EXPO 2005 which was a sort of nature-awareness endevor. (I'm sure it's much more than that, but that's as succinct of an explanation as I could glean from the concept summary.)

The Open You Mind part of the event was a fully emmersive audio/visual experience.

Through the use of one of the world's largest floor video screens (roughly 600 m2), visitors will be able to stand on the floor and walk through an experiential video space. Video images will be presented on the walls and overhead as well, so visitors will enjoy being able to freely alter their visual perspective, and the combination of audio will make this a moving experience for the human senses. [from the EXPO summary].

The film is not meant to have a plot or narrative. It is more like a series of visuals that are tied together by common themes. The review covers the DVD version of the film which "will clearly not have the same immersive effect on DVD as it would in the actual installation" but "it is still a very impressive piece of work."

Not sure when/if this is going to be released stateside, so you may have to import it if you're interested (and have a Region 2 player). It's Oshii, so I'll probably try to catch it sooner or later if I get a chance.

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