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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Casting call for Cameron's Battle Angel

According to movies online, Mali Finn Casting is looking for an actress to play the lead roll in James Cameron's live action Battle Angel movie.

SEEKING FEMALE LEAD: 16-mid 20s. Any ethnicity, including Caucasian. She moves and behaves with confidence and a sense of nobility. Lithe as a cat. Athletic and agile. She is a warrior. Graceful movement and an ear for languages and dialects are essential.

One interesting thing to note is that the casting call is for the character of "Gally". "Gally" is the name used in the Yukito Kishiro's original manga. But when the manga was translated to english, the character's name was changed to "Alita". So will Cameron keep all of the original names? If so that would be very cool. But on the flip side it may confuse those who have read the US version but are not familiar with the original names. The other explanation -- I guess -- is that the writer for this particular article used "Gally" of his own volition.

Another interesting thing is that Cameron has previously said that he plans on haveing Gally's character be completely CG. So does that mean that the actress is just going to be used to do Gally's movements (like Andy Serkis did for Gollum and King Kong) or is she actually going to physically be in the movie?

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