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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Interviews on the live action Evangelion

From TrivialBeing:

This past October, at Supanova, Australia's pop culture convention, Matt Greenfield of ADV Films, and Richard Taylor of WETA Workshop spoke about the prospects of Live Action Evangelion. You can download podcasts of the panels below:

Richard Taylor

Matt Greenfield

Some of the more interesting highlights:

  • The most interesting thing both panels mentioned is that Weta may (hopefully) start working on Evangelion after they're done producing Halo.
  • Richard Taylor said that he has never been more excited over a project other than Lord of the Rings.
  • Richard also said that for every email Weta gets about Lord of the Rings, they get 25 for Evangelion.
  • Richard -- just by happenstance -- bumped into Evangelion anime director Hideki Anno while visiting Gainax studios one day. They got into a discussion about their mutual facination with steam trains, and through that conversation also built up excitement over making the live action movie. So I guess Anno's on board with the project.
  • Matt Greenfield mentioned that they are pretty committed to creating a trilogy of movies.

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