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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Richard Taylor wants to produce live action Evangelion

According to Oscar-winning visual-effects supervisor Richard Taylor of Weta workshops wants Weta to produce the live action Evangelion movie (as opposed to just doign the visual effects). Says Taylor:

"I think [Evengelion] is the great untold story to the world. It is sublime. It is arguably some of the most beautiful and poignant animation ever created, and a huge percentage of the pop culture world now know it, but only through a live-action feature film will it transcend that and receive the recognition for the art piece that it is.

"...Technologically, sure, it's doable. But at an esoteric, universe level, it is an unbelievably impacting and dramatic story concept...But we've got the endorsement of GAINAX, the original creators, and with the right director I think it could be a very beautiful movie. I think it's a story worthy of telling. And that's my big pursuit at the moment. I've put an awful lot of energy into it."

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