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Friday, July 07, 2006

Death Note 13th Volume

The Death Note manga just recently ended its run in Japan, but it looks like there's going to be one final extra entry. (Think the total number of volumes -- 13 -- was planned?) From ComiPress:

Thought Death Note ended? Behold the 13th volume of Death Note, an official analysis manual - The last “piece” that will help readers discover all the mysteries of Death Note. ...


1. True Name Card -L-
A special card that tells you L’s real name. Features an original illustration by Takeshi Obata.

2. One Shot “Death Note”
A prototype one shot that was released in Shounen Jump prior to Death Note’s serialization. It also includes a 4 koma manga that isn’t included in the usual Jump Comics.

3. Death Note Reversible Cover
Front side contains Takeshi Obata ’s original art, back side contains Death Note!

4. Super long interview of Obata and Ohba
The truth of Death Note disclosed by the mangaka and the author! It also includes commentary on all the subtitles and other secret stories behind character settings.

5. People, Incidents, … Investigation on All of the Mysteries of the Story
Profiling of the main characters. Explaination of the Kira incidents according to the story’s timeline!

6. Other Data
A list of L’s sweets/snacks. Not related to the story, but important for Death Note!

Since Death Note is currently on volume 6 in the US, it may be a while before we see this final installment over here.

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