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Monday, July 17, 2006

Death Note movie review

Bloody Disgusting has a relatively positive, spoiler-free review of the Death Note movie. The reviewer's conclusion:

Overall the film is a refreshing change from the usual Asian Horror out there today but it’s pace is quite slow and it’s action is minimal so it may seem a bit bland to those not fans of the Manga. However, it is definitely worth checking out. I, for one am waiting to see what they will be doing with the sequels so I can enjoy this first installment even more.
The review is coming off of a horror movie fan site, so I guess you have to factor that into it. I've seen other sites bash the movie, but it's mainly the acting/directing they're disappointed with instead of the story itself. And from the trailers I've seen, I can believe it. But if the storyline is as close to the original manga as this review seems to imply, then I'm still really looking forward to checking it out when it comes to the US.

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