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Monday, July 17, 2006

The original Death Note?

Watashi to Tokyo has an interesting article comparing the recently concluded (in Japan anyways) Death Note manga to a 30-year old manga by Shigeru Mizuki:
The title is "Amazing Notebook." One guy found a notebook, he knew it was an amazing notebook that he could use to kill someone by writing his name. He and his mistress killed those who stand in thier's way, He killed his mistress too because she demanded that he kill more and more. However he regreted what he did. Then he wrote his name with his repentant tears to kill his past and to make things over. After that, he did not use the notebook anymore. However one day his wife found his notebook, and she thew it into the fire as garbage. Becaues of fire, his name was burned out and he died.

Sounds suspiscious to me, especially considering that no one really knows who Tsugumi Ohba -- the author of Death Note -- really is anyway. Not that Ohba is actually Mizuki, but maybe there's a relation..? Or am I reading way too much into this?

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