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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Viewing Journal: Gunbuster: Aim for the Top! (complete)

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Overall= A-
Story = A
Video = A-
Audio = C+

[Note: Manga Entertainment released a subtitle-only VHS version of this series a while ago, but recently allowed their license to expire. The good news is that Bandai Visual has just anounced that they have picked up the license and should be releasing it in the US soon.]


I loved this show. I know that it's just a giant robot show about fighting aliens and there's a lot of fan service, but I frigging loved it.

This is one of Gainax's signiture series, and I can see why. It just appeals to everything otaku in me. And it's exactly the kind of sci-fi story that Gainax does so well: great characters, mysterious enemies, action on a massive scale, a healthy does of fan service, and lots of hard scientific details mixed in with the story's fictional brand of science (check out the "Science Lesson" extras to see what I mean).

The pacing of the show was great. It's amazing the amount of build up that can be generated among just 6 episodes. And then the ending was about as climactic as you can get while still being perfectly satisfying. The only confusing thing was the fact that the entire final episode was in black-and-white. I have no idea why they did this other than maybe buget issues. Ultimately though, that didn't detracted at all from my enjoyment of the show.

I just loved it. I admit it: I'm an otaku fanboy and I loved this show.

Thank you and good night.

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