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Saturday, March 18, 2006

CLAMP explains X manga hiatus

From Anime News Network:

MangaNews has translated part of an interview with CLAMP in which they offer an explanation as to why they ceased working on their epic, apocalyptic manga X. The group attributes the break to various real world tragedies and disasters that parallels their story and a reluctance to change their plans based on the requests of their editor and publisher.

Why I care: I'm not really interested in this as it relates to the X/1999 manga since I never read it and thought the anime movie/series were only okay. But what I did find interesting was CLAMP's reason for putting the ending of the manga on hold. It wasn't so much due to any creative dry-spells or attempts to build tension among the readers. It was actually due to world events, along the same lines of 9/11 when certain movies were put on hold so the audience wouldn't be reminded of the tragedy. Although, one could argue that events like that just make the story all that much more "relevant". I can't help but wonder whether or not anyone would have really noticed/cared if the story was ended on schedule.

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