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Friday, March 03, 2006

Meet the creator of Evangelion... sort of

You can have your very own Hideaki Anno to pose and admire in all his articulated glory. This figure depicts the renowned director as Ultraman from Daicon Film's 1983 production "The Return of Ultraman". Never before has plastic been able to capture such amazingness as with this glorious action figure. You just might sell your soul and disown yourself for the opportunity to own this fine specimen of geekery. This limited edition figure is available from the Mediacom Toy Corporation.

See EvaMonkey for the images.

Why I care: Because it's hilarious. Plus, I finished reading Notenki Memoirs a few months ago, which is the story of the creation of studio Gainax, and it talks all about the Daicon and Ultraman stuff. I definitely recommend the book if you're a Gainax fan, BTW.

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